I went yesterday to see the exhibition about illuminated manuscripts in the British Library. If you are in London, you MUST see it. The ticket is £5 if you are student.
The exhibition is really well organised, the books are incredibly well preserved.
Bibles, Psalters, books of hours, Gospel-books are lavishly illustrated, with the finest materials and made by the best craftsmen of the time. It’s very breathtaking the idea that in front of your eyes, you have books that are more than 1000 years old, it’s impressive that they have actually survived all this time.
The text and illustrations of these books show how people lived in that time, how they dressed, the customs and the importance of religion. Kings from the Anglo Saxons to the Tudors commissioned and owned these handwritten copies of Christian texts. Most of them are in Latin, but some are in French as well because they were translated.
The richness of these images are absolutely wonderful. All the detail, the work on the letters, the decoration on every page are a spectacular work of dedication and devotion.

BBC started a very good series called “Illuminations”, where they explore the world of Medieval manuscripts. You should watch it really. Very interesting.

The exhibition will on until March 13th, for more information read it here

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