Totem – Cirque du Soleil

This was my birthday present and I had to wait 2 months to go to the show. It was definitely worth the wait.

It was the first time that I had ever been to see a Cirque du Soleil show. The company have been through Buenos Aires but as the prices were ridiculous (I mean either you pay rent or you go to the show!) I never could afford it.

Here in London as well its not cheap, but at least it’s possible. If we compare this with the circus that our grandparents used to take us to, with the elephants and the clowns, that was a cheap show, so this is the high class version of the circus. And a very special one.

This year the theme is like a sociological study of the world’s ancient a lot of cultures. The influences came from the earth, trees, animals, aborigines and nature. The music is so carefully chosen as well. I could noticed sounds from America, and eastern Europe, and gypsies and Mayas and Native Americans.

The spectacle is absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. Open mouthed I was sitting there, watching how these people pushed their bodies to the limit. I can’t even run a bus, I bear no comparison really, but these people are incredible.

The show has some great lighthearted moments of fun, with modern day clowns, acrobats and singing. You can see here acts and performers from all around the world. I wonder where the directors find them or if they the acts themselves go and knock the door of the “Circus Owner” saying ta-raaaaa, but the important thing is that the acts are so impressive you feel like you’ve been let into a really special world.

The show at the Royal Albert Hall in London has just been extended to 16th Feb, so if you can find tickets, you should go. And enjoy being 9 years old again.

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