Paper Art + Josh Ritter= Voila!

Josh Ritter, an american singer and songwriter decided to do his new video using photos from over 12.000 pieces of cut paper to animate this beautiful song, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home”
More than 20 artists, director, editor and production assistants made this happen.
After doing digital images, they convert them in paper cutouts. The process continues photographing those 12.000 pieces and the editing together into a stop motion video of 4 minutes.

The video premiered on Etsy, the online community of talented craftsmen.
Ritter and his team opened a shop there as well. The artists behind the video have created a limited run of screenprinted posters based on a selection of frames. Each poster will include one of the die-cut construction paper cut-outs, as well as an mp3 of “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home.”

Video produced by Erez Horovitz of Prominent Figures.

Josh Ritter – Love Is Making Its Way Back Home from Josh Ritter on Vimeo.

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