Just my type – a book about fonts

Recently I told a friend that I’m reading an amazing book about fonts. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “that seems very boring!” It was even worse when I tried to explain some of the secret jokes about typographers and the history of some font families. It was a waste of time.

Only designers and typographers can understand this love for fonts. And of course, Simon Garfield.

Honestly, this one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It has the correct amount of history and interesting facts about fonts family and typographers and designer, but it’s also written in a very funny way to appeal to the masses, not only to geeks like me.

I love that the fist chapter is about Comic Sans. I love it, after reading the first chapter I knew I would love this book.

I learned a lot about Obama and his campaign in Gotham, about Zapf and his campaign for type rules and why user MUST pay a fee for a font. I learned that Eric Gill was amazing typographer but an awful person who had threesomes with his daughters, sister and dog (I’ve changed the way I see Gill Sans now). I learned more about legibility and readability. So if you are a designer, this book is a MUST.

And very important, Simon, THANKS for this amazing research

You can buy your copy here

  1. Eric G. said:

    I agree when you say only font enthusiasts and designers can understand the power of a font, nice post!

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