Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud was an extraordinary artist.

There is a feeling of unease when you are in front of these amazing paintings. The details of the brush marks are fantastic and moving, the details of the colour, sectioned, like his life. Most of the images are very disturbing in general, but I guess they reflected the life that he lived.

This exhibition is mainly focused on his portraiture but if you saw his retrospective a couple of years ago in London I’m told that this will seem very similar.

His late works show a lot of elite friends, signify how he grew as an artist and how he was winning respect and fame – in his late years he was no longer a bohemian painter.

The treatment of bodies like animals, are very moving. Nude bodies, lying in beds or on the floor, not smiling, I couldn’t see any smiles at all. I read that his children said they posed for him, as this was often the only time they could spend with their father. Very sad.

Intense, that is the word, this exhibition is very intense. My favourite room, BIG SUE, is mind-blowing. The dimensions of the artwork are breath-taking and the compositions are extremely great.
He could spend years over a painting, well you can see why, the details are outstanding.

It’s on until May 27, for more information or tickets, click here

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