Pick me up – Somerset House

‘Pick Me Up’ is an exhibition of illustrators and graphic artists. I went on the last day so unfortunately its over now, but it’ll be on again next year.

It was great to see a lot of new trends in illustration and amazing artists that combine computer arts with hand-drawings. The exhibition was full.
You can also find cool shops and galleries that sell very unusual pieces, objects and artwork.

I´m glad I went and I didn´t miss it. One of my favourites was the work of Niki Pilkington which is exquisite, she works in pencil and with layers, giving her pieces a 3D look. She uses colour very well, adding only some colour or just one colour to the picture. Amazing birds were displayed by Kristjana S Williams, and her use of really cool inks made her artwork of nature and birds stand out.

It was great to find out that the amazing posters for the band The Decemberists are from the hand of Zeloot, that Zim and Zou are rocking with paper art, phones, cassettes, cameras, old objects made with paper in stunning and flashy colours (see the photo of the camera made by paper).

Yoko Furusho as well is an extraordinary illustrator, and one I’d never heard of her before. She involves you in her surreal world of details and tiny pieces made by pencil.

Next year, I´m sure more artists will come with new, stunning pieces. Let´s see.

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