Who said that you need technology to have fun?

Crane is 9 years-old. He is a very creative little fellow. He loves arcade games. So he invented an arcade made completely of cardboard in the back of his dad´s autoparts store located in an industrial part of East LA. He created a very sophisticated system of points and all the machines, which he makes himself out of cardboard, are genius. We have an engineer here for sure.
This place gets almost zero foot traffic, so Caine’s chances of getting a customer were very small, and the few walk in customers that came through were always in too much of a hurry to get their auto part to play Caine’s Arcade.
So one day, Nirvan Mullick was passing by looking for a used door handle for his ’96 Corolla. He found Crane´s Arcade. He asked Caine how it worked and Caine told him that for $1 he could get two turns, or for $2 he could get a Fun Pass with 500 turns. He got the Fun Pass.

Please watch this video, this is one of the most inspiring stories I heard in a long time, it made my day.
I´m glad that imagination still rules over PlayStations, computers and Game Boys.
And cheers to Nirvan Mullick for making this video. Amazing.

What do you think of Crane´s Arcade?

here it is the Facebook page

and his website

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