I was watching “Grand Designs” last night and I was fascinated by this story. Alan Dawson is an architect who invented a revolutionary method of building a house. He made his house in different pieces and then assembled all the pieces together, a bit like Lego. First he built the base out of metal in his warehouse and then he takes it to site and installs it. After that, he puts in the panels that will construct the house. But wait, the most interesting bit is that each piece already contains wiring, carpet, plumbing, electricity and it is already painted! So he set himself the challenge of building this gorgeous house in Cumbria in 4 months, and he only took 20 days to assemble the WHOLE house. It is absolutely impressive. The house has a lift and stairs in the middle of the house, both in metal, that give an impressive column in the middle of the living room. The best bit is when they put the wall with the windows already in and they didn´t break any! Unbelievable.

I bow down to this guy. This design system is revolutionary and is very adaptable for places where tsunamis and tornados can devastate a city and you have a rebuild a house very quickly. If I had the money, I would definitely hire Alan.

This is the website of Adaptahaus, his company

And here, if you are in England, you can see the episode of Grand Designs where they show how they built this impressive house.

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