Gregory Euclide – Bon Iver

I normally write about art, but music was one of the muses in Ancient Greece so then why not (she was called Euterpe).
Eight months ago I bought the new Bon Iver album. I thought the first one was amazing, but the second one titled ‘Bon Iver’ really blows my mind.
Every song (except the last one that is my least favourite) is magnificent. I love that there is something unique about Bon Iver, the way he records himself 4 times making a choir of voices, and the whole arrangement behind makes him an outstanding artist. I can’t wait to see him live soon. (Please come to England).

Anyway, the artwork of this album attracted me from the beginning from the moment I saw the posters in the tube.
I discovered recently the wonderful artist behind it. His name is Gregory Euclide, and he make installations which combine painting and paper, plants, plastic model trees, rocks, pencil, acrylic. Everything is coming out of the paper, coming alive.
And it is exactly what Bon Iver reminds me, to woods, to nature, peace, trees, green, this is what I breathe when I listen to his album. Recently I’ve started making trees out of paper because this guy just inspires me to leave my house and get a tent and go into the deep of the woods of England. It makes me shiver, and it was a long time that an album had such an interesting impact on me.

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