“Snow White” – Ballet Prelcocaj at Sadler´s Well Theatre

ballet preljocaj

I went to Sadler´s Well Theatre yesterday afternoon to see the ballet. It was the classic Grimm´s brothers story of Snow White, about a Mother and daughter complex.
One of France’s most successful choreographers, Angelin Preljocaj put together an impressive, contemporary setting and choreography. Surprisingly this play is extremely sexual, which I found very interesting because is not necessarily what you expect when you go to see ballet. The spectacular costumes were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and they were superb. It did help the story a lot and gave the characters more sensuality, supporting the amazing movements and making them more visually powerful.
The Queen was my favourite as there was so much passion in her role. The stag in the middle of the woods came out nude, which was fantastic.
A lot of aerial movement using wires, romance, drama, an impressive scene setting, and accompanied by the sound of extracts from Gustav Mahler´s symphonies, this show is well worth seeing.

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