The Queen’s Beasts

As you may know in two weeks we are celebrating here in England the Queen’s Jubilee.
I was walking through the South Bank and I found these amazing animals made of cans. A lion of England, a yale, a griffin, a bull, a dragon, a falcon, a greyhound, and a unicorn are the animals that you will find if you walk near the River at the moment.
Tom Hiscocks sculpted 10 heraldic statues as representation of the Queen’s Beasts. He made them entirely of recycled metal, you can see that one is made of Guinness cans, another out of Coke cans, another from Foster cans. The original Queen’s Beasts were created to flank Queen Elizabeth II´s entrance into Westminster Abbey for her coronation on June 2nd, 1953. These statues symbolise the genealogy of the bloodlines from the most important of her ancestors.

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