Adrian Lirman

Adrian Lirman is an Argentinian contemporary artist. His abstract paintings are like labyrinths, you get lost in a world of lines and colours that vibrate on the canvas.
Stains that say much more that a spot of colour. Textures and shapes talk in a friendly way, inviting the spectator to participate in the conversation.
His new painting are 3D, something that I am amazed by. The first time I saw them, wearing the red and blue glasses like when I was a kid and I had the stickers album, I thought it was a joke. But when I saw these amazing shapes of colour coming towards me I couldn’t believe it. Extraordinary.
Last month during his exhibition “In Concert” in Uruguay, he released a new book with the same name featuring 45 recent paintings, 10 of which are 3D.
At the moment he is exposing in ArteBA in Buenos Aires from May 17th with the Bisagra Gallery, and very soon he will be exhibiting in Rome in Galeria Spazio Nuovo.
For more information you can check his website

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