I want candy!

So you will need Sugar, sand, pigment, sweets, glitter, found objects, modeling clay, artificial plants, polystyrene, pipecleaners, wire, beads. No no, is not a recipe for cooking, its a recipe of Art!
Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz, better know as Pip & Pop, are an Australian duo who loves the word NEON. They create this stunning colorful instalations made of sugar, glitter, objects, sands and anything you can think of. Intricated worlds are set here for your delight. You can spend our seeing every detail of this vibrant little universes. With a very girlie style, amost childish, this aussies are now exhibiting all over Australia and in July, they were exhibited at the Spiral Wacoal Art Centre, Tokyo.

You can admire all their work at their website.

Via My Modern Met
Images by Pip & Pop and Hannes Woidich

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