Fresco arruined by “good intentions”

I’m sure you heard this story. It’s very funny
The fresco of Christ from a church in Borja, Spain, painted by Elias Garcia Martinez in the 19th century was recently ‘modified’ by an old local lady. As time passed she noticed it deteriorating more and more, and felt she had to do something about it. So she decided to restore the painting again herself by applying a new coat of paint to it.
Unfortunately the work she did may prove irreversible and, although she had the best intentions, this fresco is now ruined.

I find this story extremely funny though. Not only because it took place in a litte town in Spain, where people are really religious, but because she really thought she was helping. She had no idea the value of the painting or conservation methods, she just thought she could get a brush and paint over it using her amateur artist skills, like anyone can draw the face of Christ, right? The news video clip is even funnier when she says “The priest knew this, he knew this” as if this info was going to make her actions any more reasonable! Well she has the consent of God or the representation of God on Earth.

Poor lady, she must feel awful as the result of her creation.

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