Diego Gravinese

I think I met him on Flickr 6 or 7 years ago, not knowing that he was an artist. I really liked his photographs and I thought he was funny for the comments he was making. Through his photos I realise that he was a painter, and a damn good one.
There is something special about the compositions and the images he chooses, and that’s before even talking about his technique. He uses projectors to provide the basis of his paintings using an image that he has taken. Hyperrealism, they call it, but I think there’s more to it than just “it looks like a photo” that makes his paintings unique. I wanted to have a Gravinese at home before he gets too well-known, but I couldn’t afford it. Well I really dont think I can afford it now either but it will happen.
The images are cool, vibrant, erotic, pregnant – you can’t stop looking at them, they want you to discover the story behind them, what was happening there? It is like they have something aphrodisiac behind that curtain.
This Argentine painter has exhibited in New York, Buenos Aires, Brasil.
His recent work was used as the album cover for an English band The Darkness on their new album. The cover is, to describe it in one word, erotic, and goes perfectly with album which is titled ‘Hot Cakes’. But this was not the first album cover he made. In 2002, he made a cover for Gustavo Cerati, a famous composer and singer from Buenos Aires, leader and front man from Soda Stereo.
He has a new fascination about space and the universe which I love and I wonder where this will lead in his compositions.
You can see all his work on his website

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