Another “art restorer”

What is it with this new wave of people who think that can go and ruin pieces of art just because they “feel like it”? I’m kind of pissed off today reading that an idiotic arrogant nobody who professes himself to be on the same level as Marcel Duchamp claims that he improved a piece of art just by putting his name in the corner?

It sounds like a marketing strategy to me – someone looking to win themselves 15 minutes of fame. What a jerk. If you want to be famous, do something to change the world, train for the Olympics, train to be a great artist yourself instead of hanging on the coat tails of someone else. Fame used to be a by-product of talent, now for many it seems to be the sole aim. Nothing worth having is achieved quickly or easily. Just watching the London 2012 Games proves that.

This is slightly different to the old Spanish woman who accidentally destroyed a fresco in her local church whist trying to restore it (read my post about it here) as I can understand that for her age maybe she didn’t know what she was doing. But this idiotic action in London, in the Tate, is inexcusable – this is nothing more than vandalism. I really hope they can restore the artwork.

Via The Guardian

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