Radiohead at the O2 Arena, London

Yesterday finally the big day arrived, 10 months after buying my Radiohead tickets. The last time I’d had the chance to see them was in Buenos Aires, 4 years ago but at that time I was 7 months pregnant so decided not to go. So, as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to seeing them perform live after all this time.

Finally the moment had arrived.

I know what you are thinking – how does this have anything to do with art? Well I could argue that music is an art, but really I wanted to talk about the aesthetic design of the staging. I’ve never ever see anything like that before in my entire life… and I’ve seen a lot of bands. I’ve been to a lot of concerts (I’m married to a musician / ex Parlophone/ EMI employee / music lover – oh yes we go to gigs), the most impressive was Bjork. But this, this was something else.

The show made amazing use of lights and colours with screens hanging suspended at angles above the stage, flying around between songs, dividing the projected imagery and presenting it as an ever-changing puzzle. There was no big screen, but 15 little ones, each of them showing a close up of one of the musicians or musical equipment surrounding the band. The colours and ambience were changed for each song adding to the hypnotic delivery of the music. Visually very impressive. And I haven’t even started talking about the band yet.

The stadium was completely packed. Thom Yorke is the best front man I have ever seen, how he moves, how he leads the band. I can understand now why Radiohead stand so high in the world’s perception. I have a friend, who I think is the biggest fan of Radiohead ever. He’s been trying, unsuccessfully, to explain to me for years why he doesn’t go to any other gig that is not Radiohead and why he rarely listens to anything else, I thought he was mental. Now I understand. I was hypnotised for 2 hours. And I loved it, and I can’t wait to see them again live.

Check out some little videos I took with my phone and some photos.

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