How to bring light into houses with water bottles

This project developed one of the best and effective design idea I´ve seen.
In Manila Slums, there`s houses near the railway that they don´t have electricity.
So they start this project called “Isang Litrong Liwanag” Project which means ” A Liter of Light” and it was launched in San Pedro, Laguna province early this year.

It consists in doing plastic bottles filled with water and bleach. The chlorine and bleach “poisons” the water to keep molds from developing so the solution can last up to five years. The clear and purified water helps disperse the light through refraction, so the light is not concentrated. It only costs $2-3 to make a solar bottle bulb that is bringing light to dark homes.
They put the bottle in a hole in the roof, sealed the sides and that´s it, there´s light in the house. The whole deal looks like a bulb through a sunroof and provides a good amount of light by deflecting sunlight into gloomy interiors. Please see video to understand it better.

Isang Litrong Liwanag is a Philippines-based organization aiming to build indoor lighting in one million homes throughout the country by 2012. The Manila City government shouldered the expenses for making the bulbs while MyShelter Foundation trained residents on how to make them.

Via “Russell Howard´s Good News” and

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