Two Treehouses for the child in you

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This treehouse is built over 40m high and 1.7m diameter at the base, on a site north of Auckland. Access is via a 60m tree-top ‘accessible’ walkway –an adventure in itself. The selected site and tree had to meet a myriad of functional requirements – 18 seated people and waiting staff in relative comfort complete with a bar; gaining correct camera angles with associated light qualities for filming the adverts, web cam and stills, have unobstructed views into the valley and entrance to the site and structural soundness . The final selected tree is one of the larger trees on the site and sits above a steep part of the site which accentuates the tree’s height. Kitchen/catering facilities and toilets are at ground level.





Belgian Treehouse on Stilts

Baumraum Studio came up with this fascinating concept. Multi-level cabins, terraces for both, a luxe staircase and a roof that adjoins both cabins to unite them as one. 19 steel-angled stilts hold the tree house up, with foundation screws anchoring them down to give the structure added stability. Green elements were incorporated into the planning and building phases of this project which leave this ultimate treehouse a successful project overall.







Via Smoking Designers

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