British Folk Art at Tate Britain

This British Folk Art exhibition at the Tate Britain is a must see this summer. I love crafts, I do crafts myself. Its nice to see how these amazing artists work with different and unusual materials, like straw, to create beautiful pieces. It brings to mind the simplicity of doing art in domestic life, an indoor world, telling stories about rural work, life and customs.

The biggest finding was the work of Mary Linwood, a needlework artist, who made portraits with needle and colour thread in 1825. The portrait of Napoleon is one of the examples… amazing isn’t it?
Another beauty to see is James Williams, Patchwork bedcover, 1818 – 1895. Made of 5300 pieces it took him 10 years to make. That is real Patience.
Crafts are very important in Britain, and it seems that they always have been. Co-curated by the artist Jeff McMillan, this exhibition brings out the nostalgia of tradition and domestic life.

photos: Tate Britain website, Ana Escobar






The Blue Ship ?c.1934 by Alfred Wallis 1855-1942




James Williams, Patchwork bedcover

James Williams, Patchwork bedcover

Mary Linwood

Mary Linwood

Mary Linwood

Mary Linwood

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