Free children's eBook

I rarely use this blog to talk about by own work but I thought some of you might be interested in this. I am going to give away for free my new illustrated children’s eBook ‘Emilio in the Snow’ on Dec 25th and Dec 26th

“Emilio in the Snow” is charming story of a first encounter with the wonder of snow. We join Emilio, the pocket sized toy, and see a winter wonderland through his eyes. He is shown the joys of sledging, snowballs and snowmen by his owner James.
This is a story for 1-6 year olds – to share with an adult or to read alone.

It will display in full colour on iPads and iPhones and Kindle Fire as well as your home computer or laptop by downloading the free Kindle software from Amazon.

Here are some nice things Amazon customers have already said about the Emilio books:
“An absolutely lovely book – a captivating story with beautiful illustrations”
“Emilio gets up to all sorts of adventures – well illustrated and educational.”
“This is a wonderful children’s story… Would really recommend it for all pre school children.”
“The illustrations are wonderful and perfect for taking on journeys and getting kids excited about the world.”
“A lovely tale to read to little ones at home or on the go.”
“It is cleverly written and my daughter thinks she’s playing whilst reading.”

Don’t miss the opportunity of having this lovely short story to read with your children over Christmas.


Please share and enjoy – Merry Christmas to all of you!

La Tundra Magazine is a free Spanish magazine that is distributed throughout London in libraries, restaurants, cafes, bars, embassies, and anywhere you might find Spanish speakers.

I am very very pleased that in this issue, they wrote a wonderful review about my illustrations and my e-books “Emilio” and “Emilio goes Wild” published on the Amazon Kindle Store by Pio Pio Books. These e-books are in full colour and you can view them on iPads, iPhones, computers. They are for children of 2 to 6 years old.

Sorry guys, I know it is in Spanish, but it is a very cool review and I´m very proud of it.

If you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry, the books are available in English and Spanish!

Buy your copy here

Recently I told a friend that I’m reading an amazing book about fonts. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “that seems very boring!” It was even worse when I tried to explain some of the secret jokes about typographers and the history of some font families. It was a waste of time.

Only designers and typographers can understand this love for fonts. And of course, Simon Garfield.

Honestly, this one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It has the correct amount of history and interesting facts about fonts family and typographers and designer, but it’s also written in a very funny way to appeal to the masses, not only to geeks like me.

I love that the fist chapter is about Comic Sans. I love it, after reading the first chapter I knew I would love this book.

I learned a lot about Obama and his campaign in Gotham, about Zapf and his campaign for type rules and why user MUST pay a fee for a font. I learned that Eric Gill was amazing typographer but an awful person who had threesomes with his daughters, sister and dog (I’ve changed the way I see Gill Sans now). I learned more about legibility and readability. So if you are a designer, this book is a MUST.

And very important, Simon, THANKS for this amazing research

You can buy your copy here

I went yesterday to see the exhibition about illuminated manuscripts in the British Library. If you are in London, you MUST see it. The ticket is £5 if you are student.
The exhibition is really well organised, the books are incredibly well preserved.
Bibles, Psalters, books of hours, Gospel-books are lavishly illustrated, with the finest materials and made by the best craftsmen of the time. It’s very breathtaking the idea that in front of your eyes, you have books that are more than 1000 years old, it’s impressive that they have actually survived all this time.
The text and illustrations of these books show how people lived in that time, how they dressed, the customs and the importance of religion. Kings from the Anglo Saxons to the Tudors commissioned and owned these handwritten copies of Christian texts. Most of them are in Latin, but some are in French as well because they were translated.
The richness of these images are absolutely wonderful. All the detail, the work on the letters, the decoration on every page are a spectacular work of dedication and devotion.

BBC started a very good series called “Illuminations”, where they explore the world of Medieval manuscripts. You should watch it really. Very interesting.

The exhibition will on until March 13th, for more information read it here