I can’t wait to see this short film. I’m trying really hard to find a place where I can see it complete.

The bigger picture by Daisy Jacobs is a short film that combines, big painting characters, stop motion and paper mache.

Daisy Jacobs explains in the video that I posted here how it was made.

She painted this big characters and their arms are 3D coming out of the wall and giving the idea of real scene.

As well all the elements are made in paper mache, which in my opinion is a great touch, they look real but they are not.

This stop motion animation took her 7 months to finish but it was worthy as it won many many awards, including 2 Baftas and a nomination for the Oscars 2015.

I’m sure we will hear more about this talented film maker soon.


If you are a fan of fashion design, you have to see this exhibition. It is at Somerset House and if you don’t already know who Isabella Blow is, then this is a great excuse to go.
She was a fashionista who worked for fashion magazines like Vogue and Tatler. Born into British aristocracy, she had to find a job to survive the decline of the family money. She discovered the amazing talents of Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Hussein Chalayan and Julien Macdonald, amongst others.
The gowns and hats that she owned were amazing. She was a very interesting woman, very sad that she ended her own life. Great curation and extremely inspirational pieces to see. So if you thought Lady Gaga was innovative, it’s because you haven’t met this woman.
On until March 2nd.





A friend recommended this video to me and I can’t believe it is made by Stop Motion. The main material used is foam, he carved the characters out of it.
It is wonderful.
The story is fab but the characters and the animation are mind blowing. It won a 2011 BAFTA award for Best Short Animation. Enjoy the rare world of Mikey Please.

You can see how it was made in the following video:

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This treehouse is built over 40m high and 1.7m diameter at the base, on a site north of Auckland. Access is via a 60m tree-top ‘accessible’ walkway –an adventure in itself. The selected site and tree had to meet a myriad of functional requirements – 18 seated people and waiting staff in relative comfort complete with a bar; gaining correct camera angles with associated light qualities for filming the adverts, web cam and stills, have unobstructed views into the valley and entrance to the site and structural soundness . The final selected tree is one of the larger trees on the site and sits above a steep part of the site which accentuates the tree’s height. Kitchen/catering facilities and toilets are at ground level.





Belgian Treehouse on Stilts

Baumraum Studio came up with this fascinating concept. Multi-level cabins, terraces for both, a luxe staircase and a roof that adjoins both cabins to unite them as one. 19 steel-angled stilts hold the tree house up, with foundation screws anchoring them down to give the structure added stability. Green elements were incorporated into the planning and building phases of this project which leave this ultimate treehouse a successful project overall.







Via Smoking Designers

This creative artist made me laugh. He is called Replaceface. Basically with really good Photoshop skills he converted stars into Historical forefathers. In the site Society6, you can buy cards, stretched canvas, pillows, iPhone skins with the face of Bill Murray for example. It is awesome. Which is your favourite?