The photographs of Gina Soden are just exquisite. She travels around the world to find these abandoned structures and locations, where she camps and stays the night just for the perfect shoot. I met her at The Other Art Fair in London and I was captivated by her art, we had a nice chat and I decided to make a feature about her work. She explores the boundaries of decay and neglect. But what I love the most is the effort she goes to, to take the perfect picture. I’m sure you will hear more of this rising talent.







Images: Gina Soden website

JeeYoung Lee has a lot of imagination.
She transforms her tiny room into a magical space with only a few colours, paper and bits that she founds.
For weeks, sometimes months, she creates the fabric of a universe born from her mind within the confines of her 3 x 6 m studio. All this, just for a single photograph, but aren’t they wonderful?. She does so with infinite patience, in order to exclude any ulterior photographic alteration.

Graduate of Hongik University in Seoul and recipient of the Sovereign Art Prize in 2012, Lee opens her first European exhibition at Opiom Gallery in Opio, France titled Stage of Mind starting February 7, 2014.




















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London Street Portraits is a great project to discover secret corners of London, from another perspective. I met Megan and her work at an exhibition 2 weeks ago. I think these photographs are fantastic, very surreal, they look like paintings really but they are not. We discussed this technique of getting everything on focus, taking the same photograph more that once but every time, putting different things on focus. You can order prints from her at the website.

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blog264_VuBarbette I went today to the Man Ray exhibition of Portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, London. It was the last day today so a shame if you missed it. The exhibition was really good, I was quite surprised that his portraits are mainly portraits of his, later famous, friends who were known painters and artists of the time like Picasso, Tanguy, Artaud, Duchamp and Dali. The portraits of Lee Miller were stunning, she was one of a kind as well, and a muse for him. You can buy the book from the shop if you are a fan of Man Ray and you missed the exhibition.


I never thought of tulip as a wonderful flower really. Normann Szkop, a french photographer, proved me wrong with his aerial photographs in the Netherlands. Aren’t they fantastic?
The millions of neatly planted flowers create sprawling patterns and designs that tourists flock to witness with their own eyes every season.

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tulips-2 - about art and design

tulips-7 - about art and design

tulips-4 -about art and design

tulips-8 - about art and design

tulips-5 - about art and design

tulips-6 - about art and design

tulips-9 -about art and design

tulips-1 - about art and design

I discovered this photographer today, I think I’ve seen his work before but I didn’t know that it was his.
What I love is the idea of magical things happening in a box, the anticipation that a kid feels before opening a present, a wonderful feeling about Christmas. It seems that Christopher Huet is The Man when it comes to photo retouching. I was looking at the whole site and I experienced a lot of emotions, from laughing to being really moved by some of his pictures. It is worth having a look.

Alexia Sinclair’s ”The Regal Twelve” is a serie of amazing beautiful women in the role of twelve European monarchs of the history of Humanity. It combines photographic elements, illustration, and digitally montaged artwork.
She travelled to Europe to photograph a host of regal backdrops, and then she returned to Australia to photograph models and props in the studio. After that she recreated the scene and finished them digitally.

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Every year, Wimbledon Art Studios opens their doors to visitors. Every artist uses their own studio to show what they’ve been working on all year. What I love about this place is the atmosphere and that you can find a whole range of art – photography, illustration, design, painting, sculpture – there is something for every taste.

This year I will be participating here with my paintings, illustrations and paper sculptures, and I’m very excited.

So if you are a Londoner put in your diary and do come and visit from November 22nd to 25th, and you can see more than 150 artist all in the same place!
For more info click here or read the images below.