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Rodrigo Torres, an extremely meticulous Brazilian artist, uses paper currency in a very different way from the rest of the mortals in the western world. He doesn’t use it for paying for or buying objects, he makes pieces from them, he destroys them to create beautiful new images in 3D. He mixes as well different currencies from different countries, almost signifying the “Global Market”.

Art Basel, the international contemporary art fair held in Switzerland announced that Torres’ work will be one of 20 gallery-curated projects in its special Art Feature sector this year. Good for him. I bet he will be a great success in the Bankers Nation.

The word that comes into my head as soon as I see these pieces is “Brutal”. It is a depiction of nature trying to come out, to push out the civilisation, to get into buildings and streets to break them. Henrique Oliveira is a Brazilian artist and he understands completely the forces that you find in nature. His installations are massive and give the sensation of suffocation. I was very surprised of their scale when I saw them.

He is exposing in Brazil and Austria at the moment, for more information, pls check his website