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I adore Rosie Blair illustrations, they are just adorable and funny. The characters are just perfect and they will make you smile every time. She is based in Wimbledon Art Studios
and you can see her artwork at the next Open Studios or contact her via her website to order cards, prints, commissions, etc. My favourite “Morning Hair” 🙂










Taking various modes of transportation as his subject, Dickinson creates paintings of buses, cars, trucks, and trains, arranged in unexpected configurations. Often creating works in series, Dickinson explores different themes within the notion of transportation vehicles, from the “stacking series,” which documents his collection of toy cars, to the “map series,” which combines children’s building blocks with various motor vehicles. Frequently drawing on the notion of child’s play, Dickinson creates fantastical scenarios with miniature cars, and then translates those imaginings to paper.

The attention to detail in his work is incredible. The quirky subject matter, basically portraits of toy cars and ephemera, is a deceptively simple vehicle in itself for a good wallow in nostalgia for your own childhood. The composition of these portraits is often humorous – great tottering towers of colourful cars or trucks or long line-ups of battered racing cars, sometimes featuring a couple of air born vehicles.

Dickinson was the subject of a solo exhibition at Horsens Kunstmuseum in Denmark, and has been included in notable group exhibitions at venues such as Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art in Tokyo, the Contemporary Art Museum in Sao Paulo, and Musée National Collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse, France.

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

jeremy dickinson

Oliver Jeffers is one of my favourite illustrators. He has such a lovely style, simple stories and gorgeous illustrations. I love these books and my son loves them as well.
Books like “Lost and Found”, “How to Catch a Star”, “The Way Back Home” are new classics of this era.
He has a new book out now called “This Moose Belong to Me”. Here is the trailer, which is lovely.

I’ve taken my 2yrs-and-8-months old son to see three plays in the Polka Theatre in the last year, all of them were amazing. There aren’t many dedicated children’s theatres in London, and so we feel very lucky to have the Polka Theatre here in Wimbledon.

The first show was called “On/Off” which involved a very simple idea with using light bulbs and switches, just one solo performer and a mix of English and Italian words. My little one loved it.

The second one was “A worm´s story”, about a worm in Egypt, that was absolutely adorable and the scenery was fantastic, the whole idea was to think about archaeology. The kids were invited up on stage at the end of the show to discover hidden trapdoors which contained sand and other ‘lost’ items to play with.

Yesterday we went to see “The Ugly Duckling”, which was lovely. The music was fantastic, and all the kids were laughing and enjoying this amazing play which is aimed at 2 to 5 years old.

These shows sell out quickly so it’s good to book well in advance. I do recommend you take your kids to almost any play they put on at the Polka Theatre, it’s well worth it.