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Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich is back again with his visual paradox installation.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Seoul, Korea (MMCA) has a harbour where colourful rowboats appear to be floating.

But at a closer glance, Port of Reflections, Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich turns out to be an optical illusion. The work reveals its secrets from above: the boats are actually suspended in midair, and the moving liquid that they appear to be floating in is the space below, a room with walls covered in black carpet.

Erlich wanted to create “a bizarre experience where the real and the unreal, or the real and the illusory, are exquisitely blended in surreal yet ambient surroundings,” as explained in the museum’s presentation text.
Port of Reflections has a similar taste of some of his past exhibitions including mirrored buildings that viewers can virtually climb, fake swimming pools that show people walking below the water’s surface, and a lone facade in the sky.

It will be on display at the Seoul Box at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Seoul, Korea, through September 15, 2015.

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Photos: Leandro Erlich, Port of Reflections (2014), MMCA, Seoul, Korea. © Courtesy MMCA

Numen/For Use is a collective working in the fields of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design.

The group’s early enterprises are characterized by experiments with impersonal design and radical formal reduction, deeply rooted in the tradition of high modernism and mainly applied to various synergetic total-design projects in Croatia. From 2004. onwards, after setting up a large scale site-specific project for the production of “Inferno” in the National Centre for Drama in Madrid, Numen/ For Use become intensely involved with scenography. Further realisations in theatres across Europe ensue. Since 2008. the collective turns its focus towards configuring objects and concepts without a predefined function, an activity resulting in the more hybrid and experimental works such as the N-Light series and Tape Installation.

This project one of the N-light series and it is amazing! Three out of six surfaces of the cube are made of flexible membrane (foil mirror) with air tank and a compressor connected to it and the other three mirrors are semi transparent spy-glass. By inflating or deflating the air tank, the membrane turns convex or concave, deforming the reflections. Watch the video!


Vienna Design Week 2009



Jody Xiong and the China Environmental Protection Foundation made this public outdoor campaign to remind people of the benefits of walking instead of driving. These amazing horizontal billboards are placed on streets at 132 crossroads in 15 different cities. Green paint is placed either side of the billboard so when people walk past they leave footprints on the billboard, like they were leaves on a tree.
They have estimated that 3,920,000 people have walked through the installation. The final pieces are going to be hung in several urban locations. What an excellent idea!

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Gabriel Dawe uses threats to make his installations, creating a fantastic and visually stunning pieces of art over a white room or sometimes between stairs in the middle of a shopping centre. It is like a prism displaying a rainbow over the sun. It is just beautiful, I spent long time looking at his website, seeing every single piece of his work. My son shouts at my computer, “it is a rainbow” yes darling, it is.
He is exhibiting in Denmark until 13 of October.

photos: Gabriel Dawe website

This woman REALLY loves to knit.
Crochet is an amazing skill which drove me crazy when I tried it – two needles and poor co-ordination – I was hopeless, but she is not.
This Polish artist called OLEK has created a series of shoes made entirely of wool.
Trainers, high heels and pumps using a vibrant and colourful pallete that will make you want a pair to go shopping in.
In her past artworks she created all sort of things – cars, statues, drums, a piano, the bull in New York… even PEOPLE!

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Images: Olek website and jonathan levine gallery

So you will need Sugar, sand, pigment, sweets, glitter, found objects, modeling clay, artificial plants, polystyrene, pipecleaners, wire, beads. No no, is not a recipe for cooking, its a recipe of Art!
Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz, better know as Pip & Pop, are an Australian duo who loves the word NEON. They create this stunning colorful instalations made of sugar, glitter, objects, sands and anything you can think of. Intricated worlds are set here for your delight. You can spend our seeing every detail of this vibrant little universes. With a very girlie style, amost childish, this aussies are now exhibiting all over Australia and in July, they were exhibited at the Spiral Wacoal Art Centre, Tokyo.

You can admire all their work at their website.

Via My Modern Met
Images by Pip & Pop and Hannes Woidich

A giant maze was constructed at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the South Bank Centre’s Festival of the World. The installation is called aMAZEme and it is built with more than 250,000 books. The creators are two Brazilians, Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, and it has been inspired by the stories of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, who was obssesed with labyrinths and mazes, you will find a lot of references in his books.
It took 4 days to build it, with books donated by Oxfam and publishers from London and around the UK. People can touch the books or even read them and once it is deconstructed, all the books will be donated to Oxfam. It will be on until August 25th.

From the 20th to 22nd of June, the United Nations gave a Conference about Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. For this event, they created an amazing installation at the Botafogo beach, two huge fish that glow at night made entirely with plastic bottles.

The sculptures are a reminder for beach-goers to recycle plastic bottles in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans, which is especially important in Brasil as they their beaches attract a lot of tourists to the country. This is an example of how amazing stuff can be made of trash.

I normally write about art, but music was one of the muses in Ancient Greece so then why not (she was called Euterpe).
Eight months ago I bought the new Bon Iver album. I thought the first one was amazing, but the second one titled ‘Bon Iver’ really blows my mind.
Every song (except the last one that is my least favourite) is magnificent. I love that there is something unique about Bon Iver, the way he records himself 4 times making a choir of voices, and the whole arrangement behind makes him an outstanding artist. I can’t wait to see him live soon. (Please come to England).

Anyway, the artwork of this album attracted me from the beginning from the moment I saw the posters in the tube.
I discovered recently the wonderful artist behind it. His name is Gregory Euclide, and he make installations which combine painting and paper, plants, plastic model trees, rocks, pencil, acrylic. Everything is coming out of the paper, coming alive.
And it is exactly what Bon Iver reminds me, to woods, to nature, peace, trees, green, this is what I breathe when I listen to his album. Recently I’ve started making trees out of paper because this guy just inspires me to leave my house and get a tent and go into the deep of the woods of England. It makes me shiver, and it was a long time that an album had such an interesting impact on me.

we know that kids love stickers, my son loves when I put a little star in his chart as a reward after eating all his food or going to bed early.
It seems that Yayoi Kusama knows that too. She recreated an empty white room as an installation and gave any kid who visit the installation thousands of stickers. The room changed completely. An amazing, vibrating coloured room now. Simple but great idea.

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Its on Queensland Art Gallery until 12 of March