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Gunjan Aylawadi is a paper artist from Sydney, Australia.
She loves paper like me, but the thing that i love most of her work is how she uses paper. She came across this amazing technique.
She curled pieces of paper and the she uses that to create patterns and gorgeous artwork.
It look like it is knitted or stitches but it doesn’t look like paper at all. Love it.











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Samuel Jordan and Jonny Love love paper. They love it so much that they create these wonderful paper sculptures. We had a quick interview with Jonny Love about their work.

How would you describe your work
I use a varied body of material and concepts to create intricate and busy spaces. It is my fascination with the human desire to fill empty spaces and my own personal obsession with collecting insignificant visuals in every day magazines which influences and becomes part of my work. My work ranges from tiny Library’s in glass domes, vast city scapes in ink that roll on into the horizon seemingly forever, to collections of colour arranged across canvases.

Why Paper as a material?
Paper is packed with potential. Non more so than a clean, white, uncreased sheet. From this, you can change its colour, record your thoughts, share your dreams, express your love, print your memories, tell a story, share news…. I could go on and on, and this is even before I get to changing its shape. My fondness of paper started when my father taught me how to fold a piece into a crane which when pulled in a certain way, would flap its wings. It was an exciting and almost mysterious experience, perhaps even religious, something of which i feel only a magician could explain.
Paper is something of a huge pleasure now, the noise of scissors cutting into crisp white. Or pinching a fold between your nails to create a sharp edge. Or opening an expensive glossy magazine for the first time, revealing its vibrant inner soul. You see for me its more than just paper. Its love.

I love the archives, where did this idea come from?
I love books and have a vast collection. Currently i am acquiring books faster than i can read, even more so the busier i become. The Archives represents all the material I am yet to read. Using white paper perfectly represented my feelings of the unread books – I am yet to know what story/pictures/information they hold, so to me they are blank. It would be marvelous if by some Hocus Pocus when i do start reading them, the Archives with bloom into colour.

Do you have any show coming up where we can see all your artwork?
Wimbledon Open Studios Art Show, May 16th-19th 🙂

Writers block library

writers block collage




The Unsorted Akashic Records


paper city

Japanese Kumi Yamashita uses paper to make portraits using light and shadow. It is a simple idea but clever and delicate at the same time. The way that she uses colour paper is very special because at first glance all you see is a piece of coloured paper. She takes half and hour to complete one of these profiles. She says that she can do any profile… I can ask her if she can do mine!

She says about her work “I am drawn to temporary things. The appreciation for my own country grows. I love natural light, the shadow of trees on the ground.
I love looking at the orange glow from a farmhouse in the countryside. I love the light on the hills right before the sun sets at the end of summer.
I don’t usually start with ideas. I love visually beautiful things, things that are nice to look at. and, afterwards, I think about the meaning.’

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