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I was walking to the Tate yesterday when an Argentinean flag caught my eye, so I stopped in to the Oxo Gallery on the Southbank to find out why it was there. I discovered a lovely project organised between schools from all over the world called Rivers of the World. The common theme here is the river and students from London are partnered with students in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Sylhet (Bangladesh), Surakarta (Indonesia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Derry – Londonderry and Donegal (Ireland) and Seoul (Korea). Together the young people study their, or their partner city’s river as inspiration for producing magnificent artworks for public display.
The resulting artworks are being exhibited at the moment in the gallery. The pieces are really stunning and really worth seeing.
Rivers of the World is Thames Festival Trust’s flagship global art and education project, delivered in partnership with the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms.

You can see more information and download the whole catalogue here
It is on until September 9th.

A giant maze was constructed at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the South Bank Centre’s Festival of the World. The installation is called aMAZEme and it is built with more than 250,000 books. The creators are two Brazilians, Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, and it has been inspired by the stories of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, who was obssesed with labyrinths and mazes, you will find a lot of references in his books.
It took 4 days to build it, with books donated by Oxfam and publishers from London and around the UK. People can touch the books or even read them and once it is deconstructed, all the books will be donated to Oxfam. It will be on until August 25th.

I went to see this show in Southbank last week with some friends.The scenery is in the middle with chairs all around it, which it makes it very intimate. Only 6 people performed in the show, displaying an amazing array of acrobatic and circus skills. It was like being transported back to the 1940’s and seeing a Gypsy Circus, and that was what I really loved – no fancy costumes, no amazing set or scenery, just a few guys with incredible flexibility and abilities, lovely music and great dancing. It was visually impressive and very enjoyable. You can get tickets for just £10!!

For tickets and timetable check here

We went to see this play two weeks ago on the Southbank in London.

It totally blew my mind.

Not only because Victoria Chaplin is 60 years old and she dances and moves like she was 13, more than that, it was the visual perfection of every act involved.
Jean-Baptiste Thierree is a great clown, playing up to the crowd.
Both together make a fantastic combination, she is very delicate, refined and skilled and he is fun, chaotic and lovable. His “hup hup” makes you feel like you were a little child.

Its a perfect combination of fun and circus, with surprises every minute and fascinating creatures on stage.

Here is the ticket website. If you can, don’t miss the opportunity to see this amazing show.

Buy tickets here